Resume Rescue

Those looking for a job at the moment will know that's it's incredibly competitive out there.

Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is your marketing tool and the key to securing an interview. If your resume isn't up to scratch or doesn't stand out from the crowd, your chances of advancing through to the next stage of the recruitment process are slim. You need to have an Edge.

When you apply for a job, your resume is just one in a stack of many others; in many cases, hundreds.
It's quite shocking, but when shortlisting resumes some employers and recruiters can spend less than 1-2 minutes reading a resume and actually be looking for reasons to reject a candidate. First impressions are important, but if your resume is too long, difficult to follow, contains too much detail (or not enough) it will be dismissed very quickly.

But don't worry, I can help you rescue your resume!

I will help you strip back, tighten up, pad out or build your resume from scratch; whatever it takes. Knowing the job you are seeking will help me further fine tune your resume and tailor it to suit the industry you are targeting.

Most companies offering resume building services will only provide a protected copy of the resume as an end product (e.g. PDF). This requires you to pay each time you want to make a change or update your employment history.

I always start a new document from scratch and provide you with the soft copy Microsoft Word version of your resume in .doc or.docx format at the end so that you can update it in the future as many times as you like.

Get the Extra Edge and contact me for an obligation free quote today.