Career Assistance

I have reviewed and shortlisted 1000s of job applications and interviewed 100s of candidates during my career. I've pretty much seen it all - from the very best to the very worst - so I have the experience and the expertise to assist you when it comes to job hunting and putting together your job application.

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Application & Cover Letters

In addition to providing a resume building service, I can write an application or cover letter tailored to the job you are applying for.

If you don't have a specific job you're applying for, I can prepare a generic cover letter for a role or industry you wish to work in. That way when you see a role you'd like to apply for, you can update it to suit the position when it comes time to submit your application.

I can also write cover letters addressing a complete career change or return to the workforce.

First impressions are crucial, so it's important to get it right.

Selection Criteria

When a job ad includes selection criteria it's important to address each one thoroughly and accurately in your application. Your application will be assessed on how well these criteria have been addressed, so give me your resume and let me do the work for you.

Interview Coaching

Are you anxious before or during an interview? Do you struggle under pressure or freeze at the wrong moments? I can coach you to perform at your best in an interview environment and help you to get the job.

By conducting a mock interview or role-play, we can workshop your answers and you can rehearse them in a safe environment, thereby building your confidence before the 'real thing'. I'll then give you valuable feedback and you'll be able to perfect your technique until you decide you're ready.

Every interview coaching session is different and tailor made especially for you and the job you're applying for. If you want real coaching, look no further.


LinkedIn is a professional network for keeping in touch in the same way as Facebook is a social network for keeping in touch. It is a place to develop your professional profile (your career history, your professional qualifications/accomplishments etc) and connect with clients, colleagues and fellow professionals. Think of it as a replacement for the rolodex of business cards on your desk. When people change jobs or are promoted, there's a good chance they'll eventually update their LinkedIn profile but the business card they gave you last year is instantly out of date.

If you haven't used LinkedIn before, I can create a profile for you, completing the required fields, categories and work experience. I will then hand it over to you to manage along with a one-on-one tutorial if you are in need of one. Ask me for more info.